Serger, A Must-Have

Sergers - are they necessary? A serger is a piece of equipment I could not sew without. In my business I also need a coverstitch machine.  Some sergers also do a coverstitch.  I have heard so many say they have sergers and don't use them. It's usually because they are difficult to thread. At least that's the rumor. The truth is that they really are not  hard to thread. Many don't know there is a particular order to the way the machine is threaded. If they are not threaded in the correct order, then it becomes maddening, and thus the serger is blamed for being difficult to thread. 

A coverstitch machine sews a stitch in knits as in the bottom of a T-shirt or other knit garment. It is sewn from the top side of the garment. and encloses the fabric on the inside, and a double striaght stitch on the outside of the garment.

Sewing is so much easier with all the correct notions, tools, and equipment. Not only do the garments look more professional, the serger saves a great deal of time.

The serger finishes off the inside seams by cutting off the edges and enclosing them for a clean, covered finish.