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Price Lists for Bridal and Prom gowns have to be flexible because the gowns are complex and each one is unique. They require a great deal of time to be deconstructed and altered. Pricing can only be estimated.

The final amount will be subject to the complexity of the adjustments, which may not be evident until the dress is deconstructed. Should you have a specific limit you should discuss it at the time of your fitting in order to determine possible alternatives.



Bridal Price List
Bridal Alterations Price List

PRICE LIST PAGE - THREADS offers the highest quality detail and workmanship - the best you will find. Our pricing is fair and the completed work incomparable. 

You will notice there are different price levels in the list below. It isn't always possible to give an exact estimate due to the complexity of some garments. 

Price List
Price List for most popular alterations

PRICE LIST PAGE - There are some alterations that cannot be estimated until they are deconstructed. The prices below will at least give you an idea of what the price range will be. 

Customer Reviews

 "Absolutely stunning, Linda."  - Margie Wright  

"No wonder everybody loves you so much!"  - Kayla Cooper

"Linda has converted many items for me, magically, into something that looked better than it did before. THREADS is my 'go to' for everything I own." Helen Lamberth

"Linda is a perfectionist. Her work is flawlessly completed. She wants customers to be thrilled with the quality of her work."  - Carolyn Watson 


Price List
Price List for most popular alterations