My name is Linda Weaver. I have way too many passions in life and my greatest challenge is to stay focused on the job at hand. I want to do it all and just can't find the time.

This website will be a conglomeration of all the things I love and do. I hope you will spend time here and visit often. I plan to add many of my custom created items and offer a page for devotions and prayer. Please bear with me as I create the site.

There will also be a Product Page and A Resale Page. In addition, I will be adding tutorials about sewing, alterations, embroidery and my favorite tools of the trade. 



Linda Weaver with her grandchildren.
Christmas Fun

My second most important earthly honor is to serve God in my local church as the Prayer Team Leader. God is ahead of all else in my life and I do my best to walk with Him in obedience. I had the honor of making all the costumes you see in the picture of the live "Last Supper".

Linda Weaver, Yvonne Culton and Juanita Moore
First Place Booth at Chamber of Commerce Busness Expo in 2011

I love to write and have been privileged to have had several of my articles published. I also have two digital books currently published at the site. One is "Living Hope/Faith Refined by Fire - How To Walk With God Series" and the other is "God Speaks, And He Wants to Talk to Us".

Linda Weaver
Linda Weaver, Owner-Operator THREADS in Liberty

My first and most important job is being a Mother and Grandmother. I have two perfect sons, married to two perfect wives, and a total of five perfect grandchildren ranging in age from three months to thirteen years old.

Costumes created by Linda Weaver
The "Last Supper" live

I am active in my community and get involved when I can. I live in a small community where I went to school where I grew up, and have a small local business. I won first place for the best decorated booth and the Chamber of Commerce Business Expo the first year I was in business. The two ladies pictured with me worked for me in my shop.