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We are  gearing up to make some website changes soon. is being combined with You will see images of the work we do, sewing tutorial videos, step by step pictorial instructions, and much more.

I have SEW many interests in the SEWING field that I want to expand on those. It’s difficult to keep up with one website, not to mention three! will still be online. I just need to be more faithful with my blogging. 

If you have a particular question about alterations, embroidery, notions, machines, or anything related, please email me. I can usually help with minor sewing machine/serger complications.

The majority of my days are spent working with all things sewing, alterations, fitting, crafting, embroidery, and SEW much more. I am working on a way to help anyone interested in how to make sewing more enjoyable. Learning about your machine is paramount. Most problems with them are easily repaired (by you) and I can help you with that.

There are many of my 40 years of sewing experience to help guide you to how to make simple alterations that appear to be really difficult or impossible. Don’t throw or give away your favorite shirts or jeans! There is usually a “fix” for them even if it looks impossible to you. I will share some of my secrets with you. I have altered literally hundreds of bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses, prom dresses, jeans, dress pants and just about anything that will fit under my machine!  

I also love to embroidery and can help you with that. I have been working hard at it for over 15 years and also have learned many secrets to being successful at it. 

If it’s Bernina Digitizing Software you have questions about – I can help you with that one as well. SEW, come back again soon, sign up for the email list and keep an eye out for these changes.

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Perfectly Fit clothing will make you feel like a million in your clothes (no matter what you paid for them). Once you have experienced a true, custom perfect fit you will feel so great you'll never want to wear an ill fitting garment again. Start with the clothes in your closet that you don't wear because they just don't fit right.

Perfectly Fit Prom Dress
Perfectly Fit!

A few snips and tucks here and there can completely change the look of an outdated skirt, dress or jacket to make it Perfectly Fit.  The cost will be well worth it.

Be prepared to experience a wait of possibly a few weeks. The art of alterations/tailoring is a dying art. Once you find someone with the best of skills, you'll find they are in great demand. Once you are in the habit of having your garments fit to your form, you'll have a really difficult time wearing a garment that doesn't meet with the same standards of your custom fit garment.

Perfectly Fit - From Party to Cocktail
From Long to Short

Always check references and for top quality work prepare to invest a sum equal to the task. You will not regret one cent you spent to have a perfectly fit garment.

Gone are the days where almost every housewife knew how to sew. Today, many can't sew on a button. Lots of clothes go to charity and garage sales instead of being altered. What a waste that is. Sometimes just replacing a zipper in a pair of your favorite jeans is all it takes - about $15.00. A small tear in your man's favorite jeans or shorts takes just a few mending stitches and he'll be thrilled to have them back. Sleeves that are too long can be shortened to add years of life to an expensive jacket, and a very popular alteration today is to shorten jeans with the original hem. No one is the wiser - they look as though you just walked out of the botique with them.

Give it a try - you'll love it.