THREADS offers the highest quality detail and workmanship - their alterations are the best you will find.

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Basic Alterations

Clothes rarely fit perfectly. Precisely the reason I established THREADS in 2010. My business grew so fast it became difficult for me to keep up with, and I was obligated to hire an assistant. Even with the two of us working the demands were high. Since that day in January, 2010, my business has grown beyond measure.


Hems * Replace Zippers * Mending * Repairs * Sleeve Length * Pants Length * Dress Lengths * Suit Coats & Pants * Jeans Hems/Original Hems * Taper Pants * Taper Sleeves * Cut Off & Hem Tops/Blouses * Sides In/Out * Pants Waist In/Out * Coat Zippers * Modify Bustline * Change Long Sleeve to Short Sleeve *

Bridal/Prom/Formal Alterations

Wedding and Prom Dresses are my favorites. I never get tired of working on a continual stream of beautiful long dresses (short ones, too). Each and every one are unique - the lace, beading, rhinestones - oh so beautiful! Very challenging - but beautiful. I enjoy working with every bride, seeing her excitement - listening to her dream dress comments, and especially the final fitting. I've  never failed to get hugs and words of praise for each and every one. That's the best part.


Bustline Alterations - In/Out * Hem's Shortened (many with multiple layers of lace, tulle, and satin) * Sides In/Out * Bustles * Button Loops Changed to Zipper * Zipper Changed to Button Loops * Add Beads/Lace/Trims * Remove Beads/Lace/Trims * Change Neckline * Embroidery Bride/Groom names on Gown Slip * Embroider Ties for Groom & Groomsmen


Embellishment is here to stay! A large part of my business revolves around the personalization of all types of uniforms, hats, clothing and other promotional items.


Shirts * Hats * Coats * Jackets Front & Back * Tote Bags * Back Packs * Sports Bags * Lunch Bags * Hankies * Linens * Shirts Sleeves * Gift Items * Towels * Stockings * Bibs * Burp Pads * Blankets * Aprons * Diaper Bags - Groom/Groomsmen Ties - Rign Bearer Pillow - Anything That Can Be Personalized